Concierge Medicine

Basin Care
Expect more from personalized care…

At Basin Care, we started with the motto “Patient First”. Our goal has been to provide quality services and ease of access for our patients. Happily, we have been able to achieve our core objectives. Now, we would like to welcome you to the next level of service by introducing Hybrid Concierge Medicine Practice.

Dr. Dimri would like to extend the opportunity to you to participate in his Hybrid Concierge Medicine Practice. Patients that are already enrolled have expressed immense satisfaction with the program and Dr. Dimri has also found that he greatly enjoys the extended time that he gets to spend with each of his patients. Here are some of the Concierge features offered by Dr. Drimri:

  • Availability 24 hours a day…7 days a week
  • Focus on preventive care and health
  • Same day or next day appointment
  • Comprehensive physicals and consultations
  • Custom tailored wellness plans
  • Travel Consultation
  • Courtesy of out-of-town guest Concierge
  • Hospital visits when admitted to hospital
  • Home or office visits
  • Nurse follow-up on monthly basis as needed

Our Hybrid Concierge Medicine Practice is unique in that we will continue to care for all of our patients with help of his team of valued Physician Assistants.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to register for our Hybrid Concierge Medicine Practice. If you would like additional information please contact us today!