Men receive the P-Shot for various different reasons. Many suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence), while others are looking for a natural penis enlargement solution that not only improves the length and girth of the penis, but also produces more intense orgasms.

The P-Shot, or Priapus Shot, begins by drawing blood from the patient and then extracting the amazing growth factors from the platelet-rich-plasma. After the penis is numbed, the growth factor is then injected back into the penis.

How Does it Work?

The natural serum that makes up the P-shot is called platelet rich fibrin. Once the penis is numbed, a small needed is used to inject the serum back into the penis. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes and produces very minimal pain and no downtime.


The P-Shot has numerous benefits, including tissue growth that improves the length and girth of the penis, new blood vessel growth and improved circulation within the penis, stronger erections, and enhanced sensation and pleasure.
• Improved firmness of erection
• Increased length and girth
• Improved blood flow
• Increased stamina
• Increased sensation